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British Riding Clubs Team and Individual Qualifiers

Sunday 21 April 2024 Arena Eventing - Moreton 

More dates to be added soon.  

Tamsin is our team manager
It is all about having fun, riding together has a team and supporting each other.  The objective is to enjoy taking part although to win is also great. 

How to enter 

  • As schedules become available you will be able to download and decide if you would like to enter as part of a team or individual

  • To enter follow the information on the entry form. Make sure that you and your horse meet the BRC requirements for the level you wish to compete at.

  • Make sure that you horse is fully vaccinated 

  • Complete the entry form and send a payment to the club 

  • Meet your fellow teammates, usually through a Facebook group or team training

  • Attend the event, ride, drink coffee, eat cake and have fun. 

Tamsin will make a preliminary entry with BRC  21 days before the event.  This fee is paid for by the club. 

It is important that once you have made your entry you honor your commitment as the preliminary fee is not refundable and commits the club to the entry 

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