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Shillingstone and District Riding Club Joining details 

BRC manage the club memberships.  To renew your membership or take out a new membership you will need to open an account with Sport 80.  Existing members will have received a link from BRC to set up an account.  Once complete you can then quickly renew your membership. There is the option to renew annually or to continue with automatic renewal.  


New members will need to follow the instructions below to set up an account   

If you have any problems, please email- or

call 02476 840518

SDRC General Rules and Conditions 

  1. All members are expected to treat each other, instructors and other club officials with respect. To  appreciate the impact of our behaviours on others, value differences, recognising that we will not always share the same views

  2. No ridden horse/pony may be under 4 years old

  3. All members must have public liability insurance 

  4. All horses attending events must possess an up to date flu vaccination certificate, in accordance with BRC requirements.

  5. All members are expected to show due respect to host’s properties by clearing up around their Lorry/trailer before leaving a site.

  6. Correct riding dress should always be worn at ridden events.  HATS: these must conform to PAS015 (they must have a chin strap which fasten at more than two points) cross country events skull caps and back protectors must be worn and are advisable for all jumping events.


We encourage our members to occasionally offer to help us with the running of the club. This is important for the smooth running of the club.  To ensure the club remains financially viable we are dependent on running a number of events.  Each of which take a degree of work. The Committee work hard to plan these events and so it is wrong that all the work falls on them. They also need time to enjoy riding and club events. 

The jobs are not onerous and you will given clear guidance. For example you may be asked to support an instructor at a clinic, putting up jumps and picking up droppings.  (if you are entering the clinic it may be that you cover the sessions you are not riding in. 

Or you could be asked to join a working part to set up for an event or camp

Or you could be asked to support a committee member with the planning of a special event. 

Contributing towards the running of the club will help you to feel involved, meet new friends and even learn new skills 

Sarah Cramsie-Smith 



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